Georgetown Lake

Georgetown Lake is a shallow, weed-infested meadow lake. A little over four, square miles, the lake sits at an elevation of 6,350 feet. Bordered by meadow grassland and alpine hillsides, Georgetown Lake is picturesque by any standards. A popular recreation lake during the summer, Georgetown Lake is renowned as a prolific aquatic lake in both insect production and fish growth. Although whirling disease has impacted the native runs of rainbows, stocking programs have minimized losses. Arlee rainbows and Eagle Lake rainbows average 14 inches with impressive numbers of 16- to 18- inchers.

Although less in numbers, brook trout grow to impressive size, and, yes, trophy trout abound. Late spring and early summer bring about heavy hatches of Callibaetis. By mid-summer, look for emerging damselflies followed by prolific hatches of caddis fly. Because of the gradual gradient along the shore, most fishermen prefer to fish from boats or float tubes. Smaller tippets, heavy fish, and thick weed beds create a fun and challenging fishing experience in a beautiful setting. The lake is easily accessed around its entire length, and the immediate area offers numerous campgrounds, boat launches, picnic sites and swimming.

Phillipsburg Bay Campground USFS. The campground has 69 campsites which accommodate trailers up to 32 feet. The boat launch is suitable for trailers and two-wheel-drive vehicles. Piney Creek Campground USFS. The campground has 49 campsites and can accommodate trailers up to 48 feet. The boat launch is suitable for trailers and two-wheel-drive vehicles. MM 27.1: Georgetown Lake picnic site. MM 24.8: Grassy Point boat launch. MM 19.5: Spring Hill Campground Spring Hill Campground offers 15 campsites with 22-foot trailer space. The campground is 11 miles northwest of Anaconda on Highway 1.