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Outdoor Art

Scroll Below to See Art by David Archer Regardless of one's talent as an established artist, an aspiring artist or "wanna be" artist, most dabblers, such as myself, want to share their creations. My Montana fishing web site provides me with an opportunity to share my work. Given my skills as a...Read more

South Fork Lolo Creek

After huffing and puffing up through a series of switchbacks and then hacking my way down a steep canyon with downfall (an apt description), I was poised for my first cast at what looked like my only opportunity after such an arduous descent. The creek was raging, and I could see that it was still...Read more

Little Rock Creek Lake Fishing Trip

The trail goes straight down to the bottom of the canyon to the beginning of the designated wilderness. I remember my first visit a few summers ago when I was lured up the trail. It was August and late-afternoon thunderheads were swirling around the peaks, but I judged that they were breaking up. I...Read more

The Ideal Montana Vacation

Think of Montana when you plan your next family vacation. You probably fished Montana with a couple of frat buddies in college, or perhaps you joined some colleagues for a fall fishing trip to the Madison River. Remember how impressed you were with that Big Sky fishing experience? Well, start...Read more