Grebe Lake

Grebe Lake is the best place in Yellowstone National Park to catch a Grayling. This unique salmonid has disappeared from almost all of its native range in the Lower 48, and is a prized catch. Known for its distinct, large dorsal fin, Grayling are aggressive feeders and a great target on the fly rod.

Grebe Lake is accessible via a 3 mile (one way) hike, which is mostly flat. The trailhead is located on the north side of the road between Canyon and Norris and is marked with a sign.   The trail is an easy three-mile hike on a level trail, which no doubt adds to this lake's popularity for scenery and good fishing. The trailhead parking lot is 3.6 miles from Canyon Junction or 8.4 miles from Norris Junction.  Bears are relatively common in the area, so it is a good idea to travel in a group and carry bear spray.

Grebe Lake fishes best early in the season. The trail will usually be too muddy and sloppy on the opening day of fishing Memorial Day weekend, but should dry soon after to allow access. Generally the trail is passable by mid-June. A float tube is recommended, although wading is best accomplished on the northern and eastern shoreline. The best fishing will be in June in July.  Sub-surface fishing will be best early in the season. Leeches, Wooly Buggers, and small beadheads are good choices. Later on in June and July may see some dry fly action, so be sure to have some Calibaetis and Damselfly imitations.

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