Montana's Best Fishing Rivers

Montana offers some of the best trout fishing rivers in the world.  Featuring wild freestone rivers like the Yellowstone, Gallatin, and Rock Creek along with classic tailwaters such as the Missouri, Bighorn, and Beaverhead, Montana's famous rivers are iconic destinations for fly anglers.  What really sets Montana apart, however, is its tremendous quantity and variety of smaller rivers, creeks, and streams.  From wilderness whitewater canyons to placid spring creeks, there is something to excite and challenge fishermen of all skill levels.  Legendary hatches like the Salmonfly's and Mother's Day Caddis draw trout to the surface and live on in the memories of anglers.  Big Brown Trout chase after streamers and talk of "the one that got away" can be overheard at boat ramps and fly shops across the state.   It would truly take many, many lifetimes to explore all of the quality trout fishing opportunities available in Montana.