Book Review: Fly-Fishing Stillwaters for Trophy Trout by Denny Rickards

I am shocked!  Once again I went to Amazon to look up the information for Rickards' book.  As a resident of Montana, I never found the time to hone my skills for stillwater fly-fishing.  When I arrived in Oregon in the Klamath Falls area, I asked a number of guides what book they recommended for stillwater angling.  Overwhelming the response was Denny Rickards' book.  And yet today I found a scathing, angry review of his book on Amazon that personally attacked Denny Rickards.  The review carried on as if the reviewer had a personal vendetta against Rickards.  All I can say is that I agree with the reviewers who gave four and five star ratings.  Am I a friend of Rickards?  No.  Is Rickards iconoclastic? Yes.  Does his book and his system deserve high praise? Yes.


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