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Five Tips for Fishing Montana Spring Creeks

Montana Spring Creek Fishing
Montana is home to some of the world's finest spring creek fly fishing spring creek fly fishing. The broad valleys flanked by high mountains that are common across Southwest Montana allow springs to percolate up in the valley floors resulting in unique fisheries that are nearly ideal for wild trout...Read more

Nymphing on Rock Creek

Nymph Fishing in Montana
Western Montana fly fishers overwhelmingly rate Rock Creek as their favorite dry fly stream. Generating legendary hatches, this quintessential stream offers riffles, pools, long runs and deep holes. Best of all, it is the perfect size to wade and cast, especially to rising fish. Except for a fairly...Read more

Trip Planner

Below are a number of articles that could prove valuable to a Montana visitor who needs to brush up on some tips and techniques. These articles are from my companion site, . If you are new to fly fishing, then I recommend "Fly Fishing for Trout", a five-step series on Mastering...Read more