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Book Review: Hiking Yellowstone National Park by Bill Schneider

In addition to the fishing guides recommended above, I highly recommend this book if you plan to fish the backcountry or take some day hikes to fish some of the wonderful lakes and creeks that Yellowstone National Park offers. Like all of the Falcon guide books, this one offers excellent maps,...Read more

Book Review: The Yellowstone Fly-Fishing Guide by Craig Mathews

Mathews and Molinero's book is another excellent guidebook on Yellowstone National Park fishing . I found this guide to be very helpful on covering both the waters to fish as well as those to pass, as being barren or poor fishing in general. I especially enjoyed the hatch charts and the recommended...Read more

Book Review: River Safety - A Floater's Guide by Stan Bradshaw

If you are inexperienced in float fishing Western rivers, I highly recommend this book. Anyone can oar a raft or drift boat down the river and think that they are skilled after a few outings, and yet every season river mishaps occur all over the state. If you want to be a responsible oarsman, and...Read more

Book Review: Nymph-Fishing Rivers & Streams by Rick Hafele

If you have mastered the basics of fly-fishing but concentrate your efforts on the surface or bouncing a nymph along the bottom, then this book is the gateway instructional book to help you fish the entire column of water. I love this book! And it comes with a DVD. Now, if I just had a second one...Read more

Book Review: Montana's Best Fishing Waters (170 Detailed Maps)

This is a beautiful and highly valuable book for any angler who really wants to sample the best fishing in Montana. I am so delighted that I purchased this book, especially now that I plan on going back and re-discovering the waters that I fished years ago while doing research for my book and...Read more

Book Review: Flyfisher's Guide to Montana by Chuck Robbins

I believe that this is one of the best of the Montana fishing guide books. The organization of the book is superb; the maps are excellent; the hatch charts and tips are reliable. In short, it is thorough, comprehensive and makes for good reading! If you can only afford one guide book for Montana,...Read more

Book Review: Fly-Fishing the Montana Spring Creeks by John Mingo

I am not entirely sure how to recommend this book. I found it to be very informative and a good read. The problem is that it is narrowly focused on fishing "pay-to-play" spring creeks in the Livingston area of Montana. Nonetheless, I found a great deal of information on nymph fishing that I can...Read more